There was a time when music choices for your wedding were limited and simple. The majority of people were part of a religious tradition. Every religious tradition had its own “wedding music”, and each person could choose from these pieces. There were three to four pieces that you heard over and over as a child. If you asked an organist for a piece of music (and he did), she would say, “Do you want this processional? Or, more simply, “I’ll do this.”

Today, a greater percentage of people do not belong to churches than they do. Even those who do belong to churches often have a different repertoire of music and hymns, so the “traditional” songs aren’t a part of their lives. What can you do? There are certain things you should avoid. These things will make your ceremony more meaningful. You can also use the right songs to enhance your marriage by giving you anchors that will draw you back to your ceremony every time you hear them.

  1. Listen to traditional music. Tradition is meaningful if it is a part your life. It doesn’t matter if you are not religious. People will tell you that brides and grooms have always been able to process to this. They were different people at other times. You’re not often using your imagination if you use it now. You don’t want music that doesn’t have anything to do with your wedding. Select songs from your personal life that are part and parcel of the new tradition that has emerged for you and your family.
  2. Use canned audio. OK. I’m going out on a limb. Here’s the truth: Live music is more permanent than recorded music in our brains. The permanence of live music should be ingrained in your subconscious. This will ensure that you can recall the feelings you had on the day you wed your love. Recorded music is much more likely to go unnoticed. There are many talented professional and amateur musicians. You can hire someone to perform at your wedding. It makes a big difference. The best recordings are made from live music. It’s great to have a DJ for the dance if you are having a ceremony musician for the cocktail hour.
  3. Listen to music that is not popular. Watch the movies . Music is about you and your loved one. What music did you listen to as a child? What were you listening to when you were growing up? What were you listening to while you were a couple? Search for the songs that best represent you. A great musician can arrange songs from one genre (say, rock) into something that is more appropriate for a wedding ceremony song. Your music should reflect you and your amazing relationship.