There have been some great decades for Blues music lovers. There have been more places where people can hear great blues music since the mid 1980’s, when there was a revival and revival of Blues music. Clubs and bars have begun to include Blues music in their entertainment due to the growth of Blues societies and Blues festivals.

One problem with the rise of rock-oriented and bar-band blues is that traditional and acoustic blues are less prominent. The 1980’s Blues societies were founded with great intentions. They brought together blues acts of all styles and offered a chance to everyone to enjoy Blues in all its forms. Festivals and societies expanded, and more people got involved. These people preferred electric blues and it became the most popular on festival stages. Acoustic and traditional blues were less popular and almost non-existent at major Blues festivals across the United States.

Of course, there are exceptions to this trend. Blues festivals may still have smaller stages with acoustic musicians or a limited time during the day when traditional and acoustic music are featured. Even a few acoustic festivals are scattered throughout the country. You will have to search elsewhere for the music that you love if you don’t have unlimited money or time to travel. There is an answer to your problem.

The popularity of Roots and Americana music has increased dramatically in recent years. This is a variant of Folk music. To protect the innocent, they changed the name. It’s still about honest music, with a strong foundation of traditional American music. This is the best thing about it. Young people actually searched for the next great thing and found it in past.

Folk festivals have never stopped taking place. Folk festivals like the Philadelphia Folks Fests and Newport Folks Fests have a long history. All over the United States, there are many Folks festivals that have been going strong for years. There are many other options for seeing live music, such as the numerous Roots and Americana festivals which seem to be growing in number each year.