mash ups...

For some time I've been messing about with these,
I'm still a long way off of being totally happy with the results,
but if you're interested, then you'll find them in the player
that you can open by clicking

If you're wondering, the reason I use a lot of Sisters of Mercy tracks is
that they are so easy to deconscruct and make instrumentals from!

First and Last and Sexy - Sisters of Mercy Vs LMFAO

Nine Inch Missy - Nine Inch Nails Vs Missy Elliot

London Floorshow - The Sisters of Fergie
(Fergie Vs The Sisters of Mercy)

Lucretia My Sanctuary (howling mix) - The Sister of Mercy Vs The Cult

Pop Will Steam Itself - Radio Steampunk

(PWEI Vs Abney Park)

Always Wind It Up First - Gwen Stefani Vs The Sisters of Mercy