martin oldgoth

A disillusioned ex-punk I turned to the darkside in 1982 & found I preferred it.
I began my 'career' as a DJ/Promoter in 1985 after friends took over an established club
night in Romford, called The Rezz (after the venue it was held in) and I helped out.

I've worked all over the UK, worked in Europe and the US, including the
Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany (to 2000 people at an all night event), as well
as the Gothic Pogo Party, and When We Were Young), and took part in a small US tour.
I addition I have worked at some of the UK's most prestigious clubs and events.
You'll find a list on the History page.

I currently run Restoration (part of the Whitby Gothic Weekend), and the thirteen13 radio show,
following the end of my regular podcast that ran from 2006 to 2009.

I'm always looking for more guest slots.

I celebrated 30 years in the business is 2015 and
I'm happy that at last people are remembering what goth is
as it means I'm in demand again!

goth, post punk, deathrock, dark indie/alternative, and a litte bit of 'billy

Definitely doesn't spin: EBM / Futurepop (or whatever you want to call it),
and don't go near industrial or metal, even if people do insist
on thinking that it belongs in goth clubs. They're wrong!

Spiced rum, Bourbon, Kraken, a nice cup of tea,
Laughing, sleaze and scandal, lost causes,
conspiracies, gothtart, chilli, cheese, sausages,
things with skulls on, random silliness. Oh, and DJing.

People with no ambition.
'gothic' metal
Rhubarb (it's evil and can kill!)

Favourite Artists:
New Model Army, The Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees,
The Last Cry, Bauhaus, Faith and the Muse.