After the DJ that ran a night I went to regularly decided to move a group of us took
over, with no experience whatsover, just to keep the night running. The night was held
at The Rezz in Romford, we ran as a weekly club night with occasional live bands.

When the venue closed the night moved to Kings in Seven Kings (now the site of an
Aldi supermarket) and The Playground began.
A moved to Ilford saw a slight name change to Playground II this year,
followed by a new night called
A move to a new venue this year saw another new club, to Berzerka.
Up til now we had always worked Wednesday nights, this year saw us start
a regular monthly Friday night alongside Berzerka, called Resolv

(named after the hangover cure). I
moved to Colchester this year.
After travelling back to Ilford each Wednesday for a while I eventaully moved Berzerka to
Colchester and ran a series of events around the town, including one on a boat.

I began a new club night in Ipswich called Death By Misadventure and DJ'd at the
Whitby Gothic Weekend
for the first of what would be five times.
Joining forces with Jamie (penfolds nemesis) this year we began InsanitoriuM,
The night evolved from a club night into a short spell of running a live band night alongside it.

I launched thirteen13 with my wife, Brigitte. The aim was to help overseas artists from
the genres I spin to get heard in the UK, to help them tour.
This year also saw the launch of my monthly podcast which reached almost
5000 people per month at it's height before I moved to radio totally after three years.

I began a monthly radio slot this year as part of DJ Cruel Britannia's 'Fadeout' show
called 'oldgoths bit in the middle' where I played new releases and forgotten classics.

In April this year we stopped InsanitoriuM on it's tenth anniversary, it had ran its course in
Colchester and we had two choices - tone down the music policy, or stop. We stopped.

I began a regular night at the Whitby Gothic Weekend, called Nostalgia.
In May this year I helped Cruel Brittannia launch World Goth Day as a bit of a joke and
in October I started my own radio show on Nightbreed called thirteen13.
Working closely with Andi Sex Gang to put together the The CD 'Hope' which was released
in May for World Goth Day to raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  
I also became the first overseas DJ to spin at Bats Day in the US.
This year I helped launched a new club night at the Whitby Gothic Weekend,
called Recollection and DJ'd at When Were Were Young in at WGT (Leipzig), the clubnight
that inspired
Nostalgia and a personal goal of mine.
Highlights included DJing at the Emergency Exit Festival, Dark Waters and
being asked to DJ at Alien Sex Fiend's 30th Anniversary show in London
This year found me DJing on a boat again, for two of the Blood Brothers gigs, and also
working at return of Sacrosanct
The year a dream came true. The Near Dark Tour saw me head out on a US tour with
The Last Cry and Strap on Halo for a 2800 mile trek across four states.
I also took Nostalgia on the road to Sacrosanct and Wave Gotik Treffen.
This year I celebrated 30 years with a series of special events, including
Athens, WGT, and New York for 'A Murder of Crows'
This year saw  me take part in a European Tour with
The Last Dance, The Last Cry and Strap on Halo

If you want to book me, please get in touch.